peach and marzipan tartes


Peach season is on! I simply love this fruit and the variety of usage is incredible! They perfectly go together with savory dishes such as in pastry dough tartes with goat cheese and herbs for example, or sweet with a delicate marzipan cream and a crunchy puff pastry, like in this recipe! To give these tartes an extraordinary taste you can add lavender or thyme. I love the simple sweet taste of these marzipan tartes as well! Have you seen these special saturn peaches in your grocery fruit department? I first recognized them last summer… They are called saturn peaches because of their shape and they are very sweet but aren´t too juicy, which I think is a good thing, that way they won´t juice and the dough won´t turn out watery.  As a resumé I really recommend this type of peaches for baking!

So what else is happening right now? As you might have recognized I haven´t been able to post a lot lately. That´s because I´ve been very busy being around refugees at the Vienna Hauptbahnhof and being there has literally became my life now!  I know I have a food blog and this doesn´t really belong here and that´s why I´m not sharing any pictures from my work helping the refugees. If you are interested anyways you can head over to Facebook or find our organisaton online, it´s called #trainofhope. If you are from Vienna we are always happy to meet you, simply stop by and say hi at the Hauptbahnhof in Vienna, if you want to help, there are always things to do for everyone! #refugeeswelcome

790A0214 Kopie


  • 100g marzipan
  • 2tbs milk
  • 1 egg
  • 1 roll puff pastry
  • 2tbs brown sugar
  • 3 peaches, halved, stoned and finely sliced

Combine marzipan, milk and egg in a small bowl and beat until mixed. Roll out the puff pastry, using a bowl about 13cm in diameter, cut out circles. Lift the circles onto a parchment paper covered baking tray and spread each thinly with the marzipan mixture. Arrange the peach slices on top and sprinkle each with brown sugar. Heat oven to 185°C.

Bake tarts for about 20-30 minutes until the puff pastry turns light golden brown, then remove from oven and let those goodies cool out a little.

The marzipan mixture in combination with the peaces taste best eaten warm with coffee or milk!






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