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My name is Nadja. I´m a foodie, photographer and lover of details and simplicity. Based in Vienna, Austria. I appreciate the joy of cooking and of course baking. The best part for me is not only the eating, but definitely is the preparing, the styling and combining of food with props. Taking pictures and capturing those moments are probably  what I love most about food. I love creating recipes using simple and seasonal ingredients.

I actually started the blog, because friends and family I was baking for, wanted to have the recipes. Of course I always gave the recipes to them, because I think there isn´t a big deal about sharing good recipes instead of making a secret about them.

Another reason, and probably the main reason I started blogging is that baking and eating delicious recipes and maybe not remembering it (since I really bake a lot) would be terrible. Sometimes you just have moment´s where you don´t know what to cook or bake.. I then started taking pictures of what I´ve made. That way I could memorize each recipe better. Taking pictures of food then somehow become my hobby, my passion- and then my job.

If you have any further questions, please don´t hesitate to ask!

Contact me: bakingmakeshappy@ymail.com



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