yoghurt layered berry cake


Happy mother´s day!! This yoghurt layered berry cake is one of my all-time favorites! It tastes light, moist and fruity as it melts in your mouth. Baking this cake for me has already become a tradition,  mostly  for family´s and friend´s birthday´s but also for any other occasion. This cake is very variable depending on Continue reading

Plated milk bun


Whenever someone makes plated milk bread in my family it doesn´t stay for long! Everybody loves eating it for breakfast. It goes perfect with butter and any jam and if you leave out the sugar you can also eat it with cheese and ham. But you can also easily freeze it! As every easter we went to church yesterday to bless some wine, bread, eggs  and easter ham. And today I brought one plated bun as a gift when we celebrated easter with the family. In my opinion this is a great old-fashioned gift which is really delicious and perfect for any occasion. Or just for oneself?… yum!

Continue reading

Orange spice madleines


I  have actually never made madleines before until this christmas. That was the time where I got a special madleine mold from my aunt Emily. I only know madleines from Paris, where I once had them, but I have to admit that you can´t  really compare bought ones, even at a bakery with homemade fresh ones. When madleines bake and Continue reading