one pot orecchiette pasta

mangold-und-gedeckter-apfelkuchen-1945-bearbeitetThis week I made this delicious fall inspired 30 minutes one pot orecchiette pasta dish. I found some beautiful heads of swiss chard when I went to my favorite fruit and vegetable shop. So we made this dish using some swiss chard, fresh tomatoes and bacon. Have you heard about Continue reading

Cookbook of the month: February

zuchinirollen Kopie

I found the wonderful cookbook “Rezepte aus dem Obstagrten”– translated recipes from the orchard in my library and because I totally fell in love with it, I had to order it this week. This book is amazing and the recipes are totally me. It contains of 130 recipes using different kind of fruit, starting with apples, blueberry, peaches, kiwis or passion fruit recipes. Baked dishes, appetizers fish and meat recipes and many more categories… Continue reading