Cookbook of the month: October


As the  end of the month has come it’s time for the ‘Cookbook of the month’. In our first post in this blog in which we presented ourselves, we wrote that I’ve been in France for an exchange and that I would post some french recipes as well but some time ago I recognised that I haven’t really done this since yet which is kind of sad because the food over there is AMAZING. Continue reading


Pasteis de nata

IMG_3201When I visited Lisbon last autumn I was happily surprised about the wonderful portuguese cakes, pies and cookies they made. I´m not sure if it´s only me who didn´t know that they have amazing baked treats there, maybe I didn´t notice because they´re not as famous as french cuisine as an example. Well anyways beside s all those goodies, I absolutely fell in love with pasteis de nata. Continue reading