Delicious topfencreme

IMG_2051 2

Since my grandmother always makes curd cheese or as we call it topfen from scratch in heaps, everyone gets a couple of packages to make dumplings, cremes or cheese cake. It´s also very yummy when you simply put it on top of whole wheat dark bread or a bagel and combine it with avocado, salmon, Continue reading

Passionfruit yoghurt cream


Today I made this quick and easy passionfruit yoghurt cream for our lunch´s dessert. Passionfruit is one of my favorite tropical fruit next to mango and mangosteen. So when I found this recipe in my cookbook “Obstgarten” I had to put it on my to do list right away. Continue reading

Cookbook of the month: September


This month I decided to choose the epicurious dinner rush magazine as our COTM. I bought it during my stay in Florida and didn´t really look at its prize, that´s why I was surprised because it costed around 12 dollars, which in my opinion isn´t very cheap for a magazine. Well anyways I have to say it is one of the best food magazines I have ever read and is absolutely worth the price. I could cook every Continue reading