mozarella peach salad with prosciutto

_90A9582The other week I went on vacation to Napoli´s area. We stayed at a small island called Procida near Ischia and the famous island Capri. Not only the island was beautiful but the food which was served on it was incredibly delicious!

Italian cusinine is my absolute favorite cuisine from all in the world! Why? Well because it is so simple. When we went out for dinner I noticed olive oil, salt and lemon were the most used components in dishes. Whether it was fish, seafood or antipasti. I also noticed that italian chef´s mostly use simple, high quality and local ingredients – which for me reveals the secret about their kitchen. Italian ciabatta dipped into olive oil, some mild cheese on the side and some delicious wine to top it all off. What do you need more?

On the island we stayed at a place surrounded by vineyards. Fresh grapes, figs and lemons could be hand picked by the guests. You can imagine how fresh and sweet the fruit tasted and how huge and juicy the lemons were. Everytime I come back from Italy, I bring along those fresh gigantic lemons, some pasta, olive oil and other goodies.

Back home I am reminiscing about italian food, so I decided to make this Italy inspired mozarella peach and prosciutto salad for last night´s dinner. For the dressing I used some of the fresh lemon´s juice. To top it off I tossed the salad with some greens: arugula, mint and basil. Having this salad for dinner literally felt like returning to Italy!


This is what you will need (ingredients for 2 / variable):

  • 4peaches
  • 150g mozarella minis
  • 100g prosciutto crudo
  • one handful of basil
  • one handful of mint
  • two handsful of arugula
  • lemon juice from half a lemon
  • olive oil as you prefer
  • salt & pepper to taste

Cut peaches into thin slices, remove the pit. Drain mozarella and half the mini mozarella balls. Prepare a large plate. Arrange peaches with mozarella, prosciutto and the greens (mint, basil and arugula). For the dressing combine olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper and drizzle on top of the arranged salad. Serve salad right away.

Enjoy the taste of Bella Italia!



_90A9676 _90A9680


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