Fig and goat cheese tartes


Making a tarte for a perfect week night dinner? Oh yes- in my opinion a great idea. Made with all of my favorite ingredients puff pastry, mozzarella, goat cheese and figs… I was inspired by mangoblüte´s recipe and changed it to fit my taste. Well anyways  I made these yesterday as an appetizer. My aunt came to visit, so I thought about cooking a three course meal which would be easy but delicious. I used my mini tartelette forms to bake the tartes in and there was one for each as an appetizer. I also made some delicious oven roasted chicken with tons of veggies like sweet potatoes, zucchini and bell peppers and my dessert recipe will be coming up soon- a very light and fluffy mango blueberry fool. Back to these delicious tartes: you can use any pastry dough such as puff pastry, pie crust or filo dough. I went for puff pastry because I love its crisp underneath the melted cheese…mmmh


You will need:

  • 1 roll of ready made puff pastry dough
  • a couple of figs, sliced
  • mozzarella cheese, cut in slices
  • goat cheese
  • honey
  • walnuts
  • a couple leaves of fresh marjoram

Unwrap the puff pastry and fit in a normal sized pie pan or several tiny tarte forms. Layer with sliced mozzarella, top with sliced figs and sprinkle with goat cheese. Top with 1 tsp. of honey and marjoram leaves. Bake in oven for about 15-30 minutes until dough has a nice brown tan (oven temperature 180°C).  When done sprinkle with chopped walnuts and serve.







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