Prosciutto&melon panini


One of my all time summer favorites- french paninis filled with different kind of ingredients. I just love how crunchy the ciabatta bread tastes and the melted cheese inside…mmh delicious! This panini is filled with prosciutto, cantaloupe melon, brie and arugula and is pressed by a warming grill. This panini is made in a short time and is great for pick nicks, a snack, lunch or dinner. If you aren´t to sure about the melon and prosciutto combination, trust me and all Italian cooks! It tastes amazing and perfectly goes together.



This is what you will need to make 2 paninis:

  • 2 ciabatta breads
  • arugula
  • cantaloupe, sliced
  • brie cheese, sliced
  • prosciutto, sliced

Cut ciabatta bread lengthwise into halves. Top ciabatta with brie cheese first, then layer with cantaloupe, then prosciutto and arugula and last but nor least brie cheese on top. Cover with the other ciabatta bread half and toast on a warming grill. (If you don not have a warming grill you can also lay your paninis in a pan on medium temperature and press another pan on top. Press for about 7 minutes until cheese has melted.

Serve and enjoy it warm immediately or pack it for your pick nick.

Enjoy your panini!

Nadja (:



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