DIY scented lavender bags


Since we have so much lavender growing in the garden, I decided to dry some of  it and make some scented lavender bags. They have an exquisite scent and keep your clothes fragrant. Lavender scent also keeps away moths! If you have lots of lavender too there are many other ways to use it: You can dry it and use it in the kitchen for making tea or use it as a spice for baking and cooking. By the way those home made products make some great gifts all over the year!


This is what you will need:

  • a bunch of lavender
  • linen bags or other bags you can find
  • scissors

Dry the lavender on newspaper for a couple of days. Then cut off the lavender´s bloom and fill into your prepared bags. You can now add some bows or labels. Store in your closet or give it away and of course enjoy!



8 thoughts on “DIY scented lavender bags

  1. Ooh, you should bring some home when you visit, we can make roasted lemon lavender chicken. It sounds odd but taste incredible! 🙂

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