orange marmalade

It´s christmas time. That means just the right time for buying juicy and delicious oranges! For me this means making orange marmalade, which I send to friends or family as a christmas gift. I personally love having it for breakfast with some toasted bread and butter… yummy!


This is all you´ll need to make 6 glasses of marmalade

  • 2kg fruit pulp consisting of:
  • 3 oranges + their zest( from three oranges)
  •  1 grapefruit
  • and the rest blood oranges until you get together 2 kg of fruit pulp
  • 2kg jam sugar/ preserving sugar  (I always use 1:1 Wiener Zucker)
  • a shot Cointreau or Whisky (as you prefer) gives a very yummy extra taste
  • you will also need 6 medium sized jam glasses

Grate 3 orange zests into a bowl. Make sure not to grate the white part which tastes bitter. Peal and fillet your oranges, blood oranges and your grapefruit.

How to fillet an orange.

Cut off bottom and top peal to be able to cut off the peal easily.





Combine your fruit pulp and jam sugar in a pot and heat over high temperature. Continuosly keep stiring with a wooden spoon so the bottom won´t burn. Reduce heat, so it won´t foam over and keep stiring, while it will cook for 20-25 minutes.

Remove from heat& add a good shot of cointreau or whisky (as you prefer). Stir one last time and fill into prepared jam glasses to the rim.


It is very important to fill them up to the rim, so the glasses are airtight and you can prevent them from turning bad. Close them up with lids, let them rest over night and then store them.

And last but not least enjoy! (:


Isn´t it a cute gift?



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